Monday, October 25, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions

Selling with The Bags Affairs

- because you have fallen out of love with your designer bags, depart them with us and have more cash for your new 'love'.

- your goods will be sold on consignment for 3 months. Once the goods are sold, we will only issue payment to you.
- payment will be made in cheque.
- pricing of the items are based on conditions, brands, age and demand. Or your lowest asking price.
- after 3 months and your goods are not sold, we will notify you for collection or extension of the display period

- The Bags Affairs will only accept authentic designer items with good conditions. Replicas/fakes will not be accepted at all!

Buying with The Bags Affairs

- The Bags Affairs strictly ensure and verify authenticity of all goods before displaying through brand knowledge and market expertise.
- The Bags Affairs provide installment payment plan of 6, 12 or 24 months for the bags of your dreams.
- We will also deliver the goods to you even if you are not in Klang Valley or Malaysia.

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